About Us

About Crooked Cooks

We are a restaurant-cafe-bar located inside of the new Singapore University of Technology and Design. With 2,600 square feet of space, seating capacity 110, ultra high ceiling,¬†Grafitti by Ceno2 all around, this is the place that is great for private events! We are also trying to build CrookedCooks into “A Place Where” different social clubs like Trivia, Jeopardy, What’s My Line, even buskers etc can make CrookedCooks a place to be. Just asked around when you are there “what’s behind Beethoven’s statue?” and you can find us! We are open to suggestions on how to make it “your” gathering joint!
Currently every Friday we are hosting our Open Mic sessions where any inspiring young budding singers or bands can come and perform. Let the crowd decides if you are a potential!

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